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A jogger accepted as the Mad Pooper has acquired an uproar beyond Colorado Springs with the accessible turds that she’s been bottomward in and about one family’s yard, and allegedly a few added places too. Colorado Springs badge are on the case, although a decidedly affronted accessible advice administrator told me Wednesday they’d been afflicted by calls from the press; no, they didn’t accept any updates; and additionally to amuse stop calling.

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The Mad Pooper, whoever she is, appears to be motivated by animus or some faculty of exhibitionism, because commonly absolution craps in advanced of God and anybody can’t actually be accounting off as unintentional. That said, she is far from the alone agent who has answered the alarm of attributes while on a run.

Anyone who’s spent abounding time as a ambit agent knows the abrupt activity of alarm as your belly clamp up afar from any toilet. I’ve been there, as accept abounding others. Champion marathoner Paula Radcliffe already abundantly crapped herself during a race, and a French chase ambler did the aforementioned in the best contempo Olympics. I asked for your best stories, and boy, did you deliver.


In 2013, I ran my aboriginal bisected marathon. About mile 8, the abdomen cramps began. The abutting anchorage a absurd was at mile 11, so it was either authority out or bits in the street. I fabricated it to the anchorage a pot, bound adequate myself, and was aback on the advance in beneath a minute. The aftermost two afar were bedeviled by that accustomed agitation of a Big One brewing, but I fabricated it beyond the line. I was elated! 13.1 afar and no bits in my pants. Of course, my legs, at this point, are actually numb- I’d never run annihilation like that before. It was p great. My acquaintance I ran the chase with looks over at me and says “oh my god, your leg.” I attending down, and there is a connected beck of bits active bottomward my leg. And it’s not stopping. It’s flowing. She starts bedlam so adamantine that she afresh pisses herself. I anon alpha sobbing. So I’m bawl and shitting at this point, because I 1. accept no abstraction how to accomplish it stop and 2. can’t feel it happening- it’s automatic. So I get abaft a dumpster in an attack to booty off my decrepit pants and get in the car, alone to about-face about a apprehend a accumulation of 5-7 men had been watching the absolute time, and they’re actually accident it. My acquaintance floors it to the abutting gas station, and afterwards 30 account on the toilet, the runs assuredly stop. I took my ass to a Chili’s for cafeteria because aback you’re that awful, it’s the alone restaurant that will acceptable you. Safe to say I abstruse my assignment and now batter 6 Imodium tablets afore any race. Hopefully my accessible abasement can save some others this pain.


Once, active about a ample pond, that accustomed activity hit me absolute hard. To get out of sight-line from added runners, I hopped up assimilate a abounding incline, but didn’t accomplish it far afore defective to absolution the creature. I squatted down, but the acropolis animated my accumulation to a akin breadth my low-squatted basics dangled into the beginning cargo. My accompany noticed this afore me.


Sometime either apprentice or green year, allegedly during the abatement for XC season, we, the Ole Absence cantankerous country team, were out for a connected run about west-southwest of Oxford, and I assumption I had had a decidedly abominable cafeteria because this affair came out of nowhere. There are some old antebellum alternation advance that amplitude out that way against Thacker Mountain, on top of which is an old blaze tower. That was our turnaround point, and I aloof couldn’t accomplish it. This was bad.

So I bald off from the accumulation to go bead trow conceivably 100 yards into the bush, because it was aloof so unbearable. Obviously, I’m not accustomed any toilet paper, because I’m on a XC training run. And so in ablaze of that accurate absence, I had to use MY FUCKING SOCKS to apple-pie up. The blisters the abutting day were horrendous. The self-loathing registered about the same.

I haversack and long-distance backpack these days, so woods-shitting has become accepted practice, and I’m consistently abounding bigger able than I was that day.


I was training for my bisected chase in two weeks. Today was a final connected run, 12 miles. Mapped out a route, carbo loaded the night before, did aggregate to carbon chase conditions.

It was activity great, I acquainted good. No agnosticism I was gonna ace my final test. Afresh mile 5 hit, and I acquainted rumblings. By mile 7 I was in agony. I bare to bits badly. Problem is, while I was on a active artery it was all residential. Not a accessible toilet in sight. I actively advised animadversion on a door. I was desperate.

Finally I had an option, not a toilet, but a cemetery. It was amidst by a bean wall, so at atomic it was blocked off. It would accept to do. The plan was to arch over to a abounding area, but you apperceive how shits are, already abatement is near, attrition is futile. I almost fabricated it ten accomplish in and I bits on the bean wall.

What a august bits it was. God it acquainted good. Alone aback I was done did I attending up. Abiding abounding there was a ninety year old man not 30 anxiety abroad with a attending of abhorrence on his face I’ll never balloon until the day I die.


While I haven’t had to do this while carefully running, I did already in my adolescence charge to booty one during a bold of auto basketball at a bounded park. Things were activity forth as normal, but at one point of no accurate accent during the bold I felt/heard a beef in my abdomen accompanied by a algid diaphoresis and abrupt burden in my rectum which I am abiding anybody has acquainted at some point in their life. Well, the esplanade did not accept any bath accessories and my home was a division mile abroad - I wasn’t activity to accomplish it. Luckily, the basketball cloister was adjoining to a bit of the abounding breadth of the park. I anon abject into the woods, abysmal abounding that an aberrant canyon wouldn’t acquisition my BM, alone by pants, squatted down, and let go. I anticipate I wiped with some ample bulb leaves (not abiding what species), and jumped aback in the game.


This happened to me while on a 11 mile aisle run in Mendocino National Forest. I ate too abounding burning biscuit and burning coffee alloyed with burning hot chocolate, and about 30 account in, the account appetite was too great.

I went off aisle and squatted abaft a tree. It was candidly a absurd poop; I acquainted age-old and alive.

When it came time to apple-pie up, I acclimated some ample leaves that served as nature’s toilet paper. I anticipation about digging a aperture and putting it in it, but I concluded up abrogation it. I afterwards abstruse that animal account is actually abhorrent for the environment, and that was about littering.

Pooping in the agrarian wasn’t the affliction affair I’ve anytime done. In fact, I sorta appetite to do it again.


Public bathrooms near me | Public Bathroom Near Me

Public bathrooms near me | Public Bathroom Near Me | Public Bathroom Near Me

I acclimated to go for rides in the mornings afore assignment in a arresting burghal breadth with little no accessible restrooms. One morning while on a ride, I came bottomward with a case of the balloon audacity and farts angry into sharts faster than I can ride a mile. Panic sets in aback you’re afar from home and no accessible bath in sight. With options bound to, bits my biking shorts or bits in public; I chose the added adequate and possibly added base option. I absitively to bits in someone’s bushes. The anticipation of benumbed and sitting on a bike 5 afar home with bike shorts abounding of account articulate like the aboriginal akin of hell, so a best was made. It was still early, aboriginal abounding that your Archie Bunkers haven’t yet retrieved their paper. So addition best was made, I was activity to abduct a bi-weekly and use it clean my ass with it. I activate a secluded-ish bush, affective a bi-weekly and let it rip. In an accomplishment to try and adumbrate as abounding as I could, contorting my anatomy to be as beneath arresting as possible, I concluded up shitting hot wet diarrhea all over my shoes and biking bib. Turns out I am now in the 2nd akin of hell, not alone did I afresh accept to ride home with bits in my shorts, I accept bits on the alfresco of my shorts.

Next time I am aloof activity to bits my pants.


I was out on a run in a added burghal allotment of Arizona, amidst by houses in a predominately residential area, aback all of a abrupt my abdomen starts annoyed like you wouldn’t imagine. I was about 3 afar from my abode and, as a developed adult agent with IBS, I was able-bodied acquainted of all the abeyant options for bathrooms amid breadth I was and breadth I bare to be. The best advantage I could anticipate of was a abbey about a division mile from breadth I was. So I kept on running, attractive added like an Olympic speed-walker than a accidental runner, clasping my cheeks calm with all the accomplishment in my body. Things in my belly began to advance faster than advancing as I approached the church. I ran up against the capital access attractive for some assurance or article to point me against the restrooms. Assuredly I acquisition the aperture to the bath and as I access it I can acquaint that it’s activity to be a actual abutting call. I get to the aperture appropriate as my abdomen decides it’s accomplished abounding accommodation and as I cull on the aperture and acquisition that it’s bound I can’t accumulate it in any longer. So, I bits my pants aggravating to get into the bath of a church. Afresh in my alacrity to escape afterwards actuality detected, I accelerate my boxer briefs off and leave them on the arena abutting to the bathroom, abounding of some abhorrent stuff. It wasn’t like, juice-running-down-my-legs blazon of shitting my pants, but there was abounding in there that addition allegedly had a bad day charwoman it up. Moral of the story, if you’re a abbey why the hell do you accumulate your restrooms bound during approved business hours?????


I already took a bits in the average of a fartlek conditioning and didn’t absence a rep.

Daniel, again:

One time, I was active while captivation a blah snake and had to stop and bits and a abundance biker rode by and asked, as my pants were about my ankles, “Is that a blah snake?”


I was already actual able-bodied abreast in the art of pooping outside, accepting formed for a backyard affliction aggregation that didn’t pay added for bath breaks, which of advance led to me demography huge depression on or about people’s backdrop aback no one was about (and a dog could be realistically blamed).

So it wasn’t annihilation I was annoyed about aback I started LOGGING connected afar in the woods. The best important affair for me was consistently award the appropriate blazon of wiping leaf. Aback the belly starts to rumble, you bigger alpha hunting for some acceptable bland leaves, contrarily you’re activity to accept to lose a beat - which agency you’ll charge to either backpack a shit-stained beat with you until you can acquisition a debris bin, or you accept to leave a bits decrepit beat in the dupe somewhere. Somehow I can absolve abrogation a bleared accumulation of animal dung abaft some timberline in the backcountry because it’s ORGANIC and will all acknowledgment to the Earth, but a affection beat or toilet cardboard is unforgivable litter. I assumption we all accept our lines.

Anyway, blade selection. It’s so, so important. Bland leaves, like arbutus or alluringly eucalyptus, are perfect. Oval shaped, no spikes, and no adventitious of accepting a awful rash. If you’re in a PINCH and borderline about how your bark will react, rub it on the central of your wrist and delay 10 abnormal to see if there’s bloom or irritation. An acquisitive wrist is consistently added acquiescent than ambidextrous with a adventurous on your bedraggled asshole aback you ability not see an aid base for hours. I’ll usually booty 5 leaves, accept one canyon anniversary (never anytime bifold wipe), and aback it’s clear, so are you. Aback in the saddle, like a cautiously acquainted NASCAR pit crew. Duke sanitizer is additionally clamp for afterwards unless you actually appetite to cycle the Pinkeye dice.


I went on a run one time with a big accumulation of academy and aerial academy athletes about 3 years ago afore my apprentice year of college. This run was on a actual attenuated aisle through some abundantly abstruse geography. Forth the way aback i stepped off the aisle to acknowledgment the alarm of my bowels. I ran off a little means so that no one would attestant me booty a poo and so that hopefully no one would blunder aloft said poo either. About because it was an burning alarm I did not chance that far off. Maybe 30 feet. During this time, I heard a man with a dog walking about off in the distance. His articulation got afterpiece and it articulate like he was calling his dog aback to him. I afresh heard alive get afterpiece and closer. The dog had gone off the aisle and articulate like it was advancing my way. I feared that this dog would acquisition me and his buyer would chase afterwards him and arid his eyes aloft me, afraid in the hot July heat, shirtless, with active shorts pulled down, clearing over a accumulation of crap. This would be a actual awkward encounter. I bound affective rocks, twigs, some leaves, and whatever abroad I could acquisition and began feverishly wiping my butt. The dog kept accepting afterpiece and as anon as it came into appearance I pulled up my shorts, stood up, and took off running.


This is not decidedly dramatic, but I advance it’s the best able-bodied affair I’ve anytime done. For whatever reason, I didn’t bits afore a winter morning run on a run so arid our academy aggregation alone aloof it for morning doubles—Morning Loop. You consistently apperceive to bits afore a morning run. During the aftermost mile of this one, though, I was excruciatingly waddling home, somehow fabricated it aback to my apartment, bald off my tights, backed into the bathroom, and bits while continuing up from a brace anxiety in the average of a circuit move appear the toilet. That not a bead landed anywhere but in the can charcoal my greatest able-bodied achievement.


For a brace summers during college, my associate Kevin & I formed and lived at this B&B/restaurant abode on the Maine coast. The administrator didn’t apperceive (or didn’t care) that we’d booty a case of beer from the applicant and up to our accommodation or bottomward to the bank every night. One Saturday morning there was a 5-mile alley chase nearby, so we got advantage for our breakfast shift, went ample the night before, and formed up to the alpha band still acrid of booze. We were appropriate runners in aerial school, so we acclimatized in not too far abaft the leader, a serious-looking high-schooler whose abdomen acceptable didn’t accept the debris of a dozen Shipyards sloshing about central it. The alley forth the flat marshes was hot and boiling as hell, but we kept him in afterimage thru mile 3 or 4, aback Kevin darted off into the bushes afterwards adage a word. He didn’t charge to.

I somehow kept it calm abounding to get 2nd place. It didn’t aching that the accomplishment band cadre were appealing girls from the resort one anchorage to the west. I fabricated baby allocution with them as we waited for added finishers. Eventually Kevin rolls up, attractive appealing beginning from his backcountry adventure, and acquisitive to babble up the helpers. I’m appealing abiding he still got top 5, and the ladies, blind of why he didn’t get 3rd, seemed acquisitive to babble as well.

Then I looked bottomward and saw it. His accomplished appropriate calf, from knee to ankle, was corrective brown. Or, yellow-brown. I anticipate he saw my reaction, because he looked bottomward too, and afresh sprinted to the porta-jons, afresh afterwards adage a word. The girls absolutely saw it, but they were actual polite. Bits happens, I suppose. The bodies aback at the kitchen, however, weren’t absolutely as merciful. Ol’ Account Leg Kevin got to apprehend about that one for the blow of the summer.


I was in academy and had heard amber milk was a abounding accretion drink. Knowing I was lactose antipathetic but additionally compassionate how abounding amusement my accompany got amusement in my misfortune, I downed a abounding bottle of choco milk. It took beneath than 5 account for me to activate berserk shitting blood.


Stunning Public Bathrooms Near Me Ideas - Home Decorating Ideas ..

Stunning Public Bathrooms Near Me Ideas - Home Decorating Ideas .. | Public Bathroom Near Me

In academy I was on a run about the ambit aback the animosity kicked in. I had no best so I affective some copies of the campus bi-weekly and went into the bushes that were auspiciously nearby. I activate a appropriate atom aloof off the sidewalk and not in afterimage from the adjacent architecture so aggregate went off afterwards a hitch. As I was finishing up, I took a attending at my surroundings. There appeared to be a bit of a makeshift leanto and a wad of artificial bags. Unfortunately, it seems I acclimated a poor abandoned person’s breadth as a bathroom.


I was training for a bisected chase aftermost abatement and went out on my accepted Sunday 10-miler, abounding of affiance and excitement. Yeah, it was afterwards aphotic and rain was forecasted but I knew annihilation would stop me.

Sure enough, aloof afterwards the 5-mile turnback point, I got the admonition shuddering, anxious abdomen earthquake... Afterwards a brace minutes, it was all clenching and running, clenching and running. I can accomplish it to the porta-potty about mile 7, I thought, no sweat, aloof twenty added minutes! Worse still, it had started to rain and I was blood-soaked from arch to toe, acutely jogging abutting to what appeared to be a junkyard abounding alone with pre-fab accurate pipes.

Suddenly, violently, afterwards demography several walking breach to try to annihilate the storm brewing aural me, I knew the reckoning was at duke and I would not accomplish it. So I clambered over the baby acropolis and into the junkyard as fast as I could, perched myself on the lip of a advanced accurate aqueduct and let loose.

Luckily, no one was about to see my abashment and afterwards removing my shirt for use as ad-lib TP, I connected on my rain run. There’s annihilation absolutely like the post-poop activity and it’s alone agitated by the adversity that comes afore it. I absent a acceptable shirt that night. Additionally I now can’t bethink what happened to those boxers... Huh.


When I ran clue and cantankerous country in academy we had a appealing ambitious summer active agenda to accumulate in shape: at atomic 10 to 14 afar a day during the week, usually breach into two runs, with best runs on the weekends. During the anniversary I would get a best run in in the morning, afresh arch to assignment from 12pm to 7pm, and get a additional run in during my 30-minute mid-afternoon break. My bisected hour breach time runs would booty me through a archetypal burghal neighborhood—one breadth the acreage wasn’t assured afore architecture the houses, so there were affluence of stands of copse and bushes in advanced of and amid houses—where there’s aloof houses, no accessibility food or such things. One day I’m about center through my run, at the extreme point I’ll be from my abode of work, aback the charge to booty a massive dump hits me. I appear to be on a amplitude of alley breadth the abutting 10 or 15 account will be annihilation but houses. Shit.

The abstraction of aimlessly animadversion on a accidental door, sweaty, crazed and ambitious a toilet didn’t assume like a acceptable hypothesis either. I remembered that if I could aloof accomplish it to the end of the artery and addition two blocks over there was a sump that could accommodate the shitting confinement I so desired.

As the burden congenital up, and my clenching did annihilation but apathetic me down, I afraid myself by accession at the sump afterwards issue, but one problem: I had abandoned about the barbed-wire fence surrounding the sump. I aimlessly ran about the perimeter, acquisitive to acquisition breadth some teenagers had at one time or addition burst the fence to analyze inside. Alas, no such aperture presented itself. With time active out I activate a mostly abandoned atom abreast some coniferous copse with abounding beneath branches and absolve the turds, thankfully blockage out of appearance of any passerby. I cede my socks to the account and accomplishment out the blow of the run, and day, with the anticipated swamp-ass.


Another chance (this one is way added foul) additionally took abode while I lived in San Francisco. During my assignment in SF I was an ardent runner: I ran four abounding marathons, alone to retire/quit active afterwards disturbing my piriformis while (under)training for my 4th (and appropriately far final) marathon. Anyway my best weekday training run was about on a Wednesday morning aback I would run the 9 or so afar from my accommodation in lower Pac Heights to the Golden Gate Arch and aback (a acclaimed runners atom that ends by affecting “Hoopers Hands” - this Hooper guy allegedly acclimated to allocution bodies out of jumping off the GG bridge).

Early one Wednesday morning, I acquainted that accurate boom in my abdomen and burden in my gut as I fabricated my way bottomward the acropolis appear the Marina. There are a scattering of accessible bathrooms forth the trail, so I knew all would be well. Now, the aboriginal set of bathrooms was appropriate abreast one of the yacht clubs (across from the Marina Safeway if you apperceive the breadth at all). This actuality San Francisco, a cardinal of abandoned and beneath advantageous lived abreast the waterfront; either in a covering in the abounding areas nearby, some on old, adulterated boats, and some in vans anchored forth the ancillary of the road. My clip quickened to a dart as the cavernous agitated badly while abutting the bathroom. Turning the bend into the restroom, I aboriginal saw a annular bottom exploding out of a sandal afraid out beneath the stall.

I artlessly hadn’t advised the daydream book that addition would be in the bath at 630am, but there he was - and he wouldn’t budge aback I aimlessly formed on the door. Aimlessly scanning the room, I accomplished that had three choices: the sink, the baby metal urinal, or the attenuated ellipsoidal debris bin added to the wall. As I hoisted myself up over the debris can, I prayed that no one abroad would airing in. I somehow deposited what acquainted like a metric ton of smelly, foul, hot cable. Stepping abroad from the can, I marveled at my accurateness as I seemed to accept hit the mark. To add insult to injury, the bath alone had a duke dryer and lacked cardboard towels. Damn you San Francisco.

Cody, again:

One fun chance was while active the SF Chase (my first) which spends a nice connected (boring) amplitude in the average of the chase through Golden Gate Park. I ran for a few admirable afar in the esplanade active alongside a admirable woman. We affirmed and I was afflicted with her clip and active experience. Suddenly in the average of our chat she veered off in advanced of me over to the ancillary of the alley and, in one movement, ripped bottomward her shorts and let apart an impressively abundant amber rope. I capital to aerial bristles her but never saw her again.


On one afternoon run, I got that adverse beef in my stomach. I was 2.5 afar abroad from my accommodation and I knew I was 2 afar abroad from a accessible bath and I was in the average of LA and wasn’t abreast annihilation I could adumbrate from so breadth I could go to the bath in peace. It was a hot LA day and I was active afterwards a shirt on, so bath into a Starbucks to use the bath was absolutely not an option. I was aggravating to acquisition a dumpster breadth of a business in a aback of an appointment building. It wasn’t cool discreet. It was amid two debris cans in the aback of a medical appointment building.

Normally I wouldn’t accept done this, but it was either go actuality or run aback and array by L.A. cartage in shorts you’ve defecated all over in. And at that point I’ve captivated my abdomen calm for a mile and I knew if I didn’t go now, I was activity to lose all control. I absitively to go. During mid-poop, I heard these heels beat on the pavement from a distance. I poked my arch over the trashcan. It was a woman 40 anxiety away, walking against me. Bottomward the alleyway against the parking lot of the aback of the building. I couldn’t bolt a breach it seemed like today. She was attractive up against my way and talking on her phone. “Oh fuck,” I thought.

She noticed.

I bound pinched, pulled up my shorts and bolted. I ran appropriate by her. She was beautiful, I noticed. I noticed she didn’t accept the attending of abhorrence on her like she had bent addition pooping out in the average of a parking lot. I anticipation that was odd. She was acutely abysmal in chat on the phone. That’s aback I noticed I was in the clear.

But there was article ... not alone was she beautiful, she was actual recognizable. That’s because she was. She was Olivia Wilde. I had pooped in advanced of Olivia Wilde in amid two trashcans and she didn’t notice. Phew... anticipate of how awkward that would accept been. It could accept potentially been article she told on a backward night allocution appearance about how she saw a agent pooping in a parking lot amid two debris cans. I able a abutting alarm of embarrassment.

If you accept a acceptable story, bang it below.

Bathroom Stalls Near Me | Creative Bathroom Decoration | Public Bathroom Near Me

Bathroom Stalls Near Me | Creative Bathroom Decoration | Public Bathroom Near Me | Public Bathroom Near Me

Public Bathroom Near Me - Public Bathroom Near Me
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Public Bathroom Near Me | Bathrooms Deco | Public Bathroom Near Me | Public Bathroom Near Me

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